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CISOSpotlight : OT Security

Is your OT Cyber program mature "enough"?
Navigating the vulnerability overload and threat landscape in OT

June 14th

10.30 am PT | 12.30 pm CT | 1.30 pm ET

Meet the Panelists

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  • The vulnerability overload problem is real. The Coalition Cyber Threat Index predicts that there will be 1,900 new vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) a month in 2023, including 270 of “high severity” - a 13 per cent increase on 2022 levels. 

  • Operational technology companies in particular are vulnerable to attacks from cyber criminals looking to cause business interruptions and extort money, given the often critical service they provide and difficulty in taking downtime. They are also prime targets for nation state hackers as the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues and political tensions between the US, China and Taiwan are bubbling. 

  • In 2022, a Fortinet survey of OT professionals found that three quarters of respondents had suffered at least three intrusions at their companies over that 12-month period. 

  • Malware and phishing topped the list, hitting 40 per cent of organisations.


Companies with operational technology need to be able to safely patch their systems at a time when vulnerabilities are rising and threat actors are becoming more sophisticated - but an economic slowdown means budgets are tight. 

As operational technology companies increasingly digitise their systems and the long tail of the supply chain grows, security officers must have full sight of their environment, requiring advanced visibility and threat detection capabilities. What technologies can be wielded to help better monitor, test and protect systems? And how should leaders and organisations define - and measure - success?

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